Bazaar is not a set decoration. Bazaar is not pastiche. Bazaar is not a nostalgic longing for somewhere far away in time and place. Bazaar is here and now. It’s our personal interpretation of one of the world’s richest food cultures seen through Copenhagen based eyes. We respect traditions while at the same time tapping into new trends making sure that the social aspect of dining out is valued just as much as what you’re served on the plate. Our name is inspired by the market place, the souk, the bazaar. The natural gathering point created by a wealth of integrated labyrinths, colonnades, cozy nooks and crannies.

Bazaar is located in a former post office in Dronningens Tværgade in the heart of Copenhagen where stringent 1960’s architecture meets vivacious cave vibes and strong colors in a restaurant landscape packed with contrasts. Black ceilings, crooked tile walls, upholstered sofas, colorful carpets and dimmed lights create a rich expression and a laidback atmosphere. 

The mix of styles and possibilities makes Bazaar the obvious meeting place for guests who want to see, experience and contribute to the party surrounding the food, the table and the bar. Bazaar is a mysterious quality in it self conveyed by the compelling, the exotic and the other worldly. As the daylight fades we turn up the music and let the night flow in trough the windows and into the glasses.

Restaurant Bazaar
Restaurant Bazaar ret


Bazaar is a tribute to the Moorish kitchen, which you might now as the Berber kitchen or the Arabic kitchen. In other words: A fabulous food culture stretching all the way from Syria in the East along the Mediterranean coast to the south of Spain and onwards down to Morocco in North Africa. 

Our menu is packed with thousand and one night’s greens, small dishes to share, flame kissed meats, nutmeg, star anise, cumin, chili and coriander seeds, vibrant salads with ruby red pomegranate seeds, fresh mint and parsley as well as grilled bread accompanied by a world of dips and chutneys.